Monday, 31 May 2010

Ivy overgrowth

This is a raised corner bed that I have got my eye on for growing some butternut squash and pumpkins but it was a bit overgrown with ivy.
It took some clearing - some of the roots were a good inch thick and needed sawing
To kill off the ivy we are trying Garden Organic's chemical free plot clearing guide .
We covered the roots in cardboard
Then S topped it with our first batch of homemade compost.
Finally we put a plastic cover over it all (empty compost bags). When my seedlings are ready, we can cut slits in the plastic and plant them through it. No idea if it will work!
We were lucky to spot a huge frog whilst clearing the ivy - I felt a bit mean for destroying what must have been an excellent hiding place!

March: Dismantling the old shed

Sadly, the shed we inherited with this house was completely rotten inside so it had to go.
It was more a summer house than a shed and a lot more effort to dismantle.
I managed to smash one window all over the ground (oops)
But it finally came crashing down with no further breakages.
We could hardly believe how much bigger the garden looked without it!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

meet the residents of the old shed

We built a new shed! The old one leaks and is rotten
and horrible inside.

But while Michelle was clearing out the old one, she met a nest of friendly mice.

They didn't want to leave.

Our new garden

August: cutting back the massive pyracantha, not long after we moved in.
September: Lovely yellow roses growing up the pergola
December: Lots of snow!
Our lovely blackbird
The shed / summer house is going to have to go - all the wood is rotten and it's very mouldy inside.
Plus, it casts a huge shadow where the veg patches are going to go!

You can see our old garden blog here.